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ON Gold Standard 100% Whey




ON Gold Standard 100% Whey

Optimum Nutrition Inc. owns and manufactures the product, which is available in over 90 states. Since 1986, Optimum Nutrition (ON) has been a part of the fitness and nutrition business. It’s no surprise that its Gold Standard Whey Protein is at the top of Amazon’s bestselling list.


Gold Standard Whey is a post-workout food supplement that promises to “unleash your maximum growth and capacity”. It not only helps you regain strength quicker after an all-day hard workout, yet it helps you gain your calories back quicker.

High Protein Formula

ON Whey Protein comes in more than 20 gluten-free varieties, enough to fulfill any need. There is also an unflavored version. Every dose of Gold Standard offers to provide 24 grams of fast-digesting protein, filling in the gaps left by slow-acting solid foods.

This post-workout formula includes an astonishing 5.5g of naturally produced Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) to help tissue regeneration in only one dose. Also, it contains 4 grams of glutamine and glutamic amino acids, which can aid with gut health, immune system, and general nutrition.

It Contains

Whey Protein Isolate is the main source of protein since it is up to 95 percent and highly concentrated. It has also been precisely prepared and purified to keep it fast and simple to absorb. Gold Whey Protein is designed to be fat-free, low in carb, and almost lactose-free.

Whey Protein Concentrate has more fat and lactose than WPI and has a protein content of 70-80%. When compared to the placebo and control groups, the people who consumed this whey protein had higher leg muscle growth at the conclusion of the experiment.

Peptides are subdivided more in whey peptides than in those of other whey versions. This is initiated to speed up the body’s protein digestion (up to 200 percent faster than solid protein).

Flavors available

Gold Standard Whey Protein incorporates organic and inorganic flavors in combination with protein to enhance the powder’s flavor and mixability. Some amazing flavors available at Proglads are:


  • Double Rich Chocolate
  • French Vanilla Crème
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Delicious Strawberry
  • Cookies n Cream
  • Extreme Milk Chocolate

Additional Benefits

  • The Finest Whey Protein Powder on the Globe
  • 24 grams of protein each dose to aid muscle growth and maintenance
  • Stamina and Healing are aided by 5.5 grams of naturally produced BCAAs in each dose.
  • ON Whey is tested and approved for Banned Substances.
  • It is tested and certified to be a Gluten-Free product.


Gold Standard Whey Protein Review

It is the best post-workout available in the market. The unique protein combination, when mixed in water or milk, benefits building, replenishing, and maintaining lean muscle mass. It also allows for quicker muscle and tissue healing. Additionally, effectiveness, efficiency, and tolerance can all be improved.

Gold Standard Whey Protein preserves the energy supplies that have been drained during the workout sessions. Increase your protein consumption — it’s all about gaining the bulk, not the fat! Also, it accelerates the nutrition intake process.

It’s perfect for people who want elevated strength, and high-intensity- intensity workouts. We can assure you that Proglads offer the best Gold Standard Whey Protein price in Pakistan.


ON Gold Standard 100% Whey Supplement Facts

ON Gold Standard 100% Whey 5lbs Nutrition Facts In Pakistan

Additional information

Serving Size

10 LBS, 2 LBS, 5 LBS


Cookies & Cream, Delicious Strawberry, Double Rich Chocolate, Extreme Milk Chocolate, French Vanilla Crème, Vanilla Ice Cream

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    Best service and Original ON Product. Even verified through ON website

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    Original ON Whey and fast delivery.

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    Gold Standard Whey Protein by Proglads is 100% original. Satisfied by my purchase!!!

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    Finally found Extreme Milk Chocolate Whey Protein Gold Standard. Original ON whey at Proglads.

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    Whey Protein price in Pakistan by Proglads are very less compared to other online store. Products are also original. Best Customer service.

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    Received 100% genuine product. The customer service is also really good.

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