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Anabolic Double Impact




Kevin Levrone Signature Series’ Anabolic Double Impact

Anabolic Double Impact in Pakistan is mixture of whey isolate and casein. When this protein is taken after workout, the whey isolate is absorbed fast and the casein protein powder is absorbed though out the day contributing to increased muscle mass which helps the athletes to achieve their performance goal.

How to Use It?

Double Impact Whey Protein can be taken with water or milk. Mix one scoop with 200 ml of water and thoroughly shake it. One single scoop can contribute to 25 grams of protein in a protein shake.

This Anabolic Double Impact Protein Shake in Pakistan comes in a variety of flavors like Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Snickers & Bounty. The limited edition flavor is Frappe which taste like cold coffee.


The exact and detailed information can be seen on Kevin Levrone Signature Series’ official website provided below:
Anabolic Double Impact – Black Line 


Anabolic Double Impact Supplement Facts

Additional information

Serving Size

2 KG


Chocolate, Sniker, Vanilla

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  1. Wamiq Qaiser

    Bought anabolic Double impact from Proglads. Original product and good customer service.

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