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MP Assault




Engineered for the serious athlete and workout enthusiast, MusclePharm MP Assault Pre-Workout Powder raises the bar for those looking to achieve peak workout results. It delivers enhanced energy, focus, strength, and endurance. Loaded with 200 mg of caffeine, Assault Pre-Workout Powder provides you with energy during workouts and training sessions, and it’s packed with beta-alanine and creatine to support your strength and performance goals. Unlike other pre-workout powders on the market, this pre-workout creatine powder for energy contains no proprietary blends, so you’ll know exactly what’s in it—and what goes into your body.

MP Assault and its benefits

  • effective pre-workout supplement
  • it supplies intensive energy and concentration
  • clinically tested ingredients
  • it supports increase in power and pure muscle mass
  • tested for prohibited substances
  • without synthetic dyes
  • it reduces tiredness
  • it renews ATP level

Additional information

Serving Size

30 Serv


Fruit Punch


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