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ON Serious Mass




Proglads offers the best ON Serious Mass Gainer price in Pakistan. We have two sizes available: ON serious mass 12lbs servings and ON serious mass 6lbs servings.

Weight Gainer

SERIOUS MASS is the ultimate weight-gain and muscle-building solution. The pinnacle of weight-gain formulations. It gives you the tools you need to gain weight and get the shape you’ve always desired. This powder is great for scaling up your objectives post-workout and in between meals.

High-Calorie Formula

Substantial weight-gain targets necessitate serious calorie intake. Unfortunately, people who require the extra calories frequently struggle to consume enough of them.

A fast metabolism, a weak appetite, and an on-the-go lifestyle can make getting enough calories from food difficult for many people who want to gain weight. With 1,250 calories and 50 grams of protein per serving, ON’s Serious Mass has a lot to offer. Serious Mass can help you get serious regarding your big goals.

Muscle-Building and Weight-Gain Goals are Supported by a High-Calorie Formula, 1,250 calories per serving to help boost calorie intake. 50 grams of protein per serving to aid muscle growth and maintenance. Carbohydrates in the range of 252-254 grams per serving to help fuel workouts.


Use an electric blender and combine 2 scoops of the mass gaining powder with 24 oz. of cold milk or water. This enables you to include fruits, peanut butter, and other calorie-dense meals. New users should start with a half-serving of 1 scoop, Add calories, carbohydrates, and protein to your healthy diet after an exercise or in between meals.

Each serving contains 3 grams of creatine monohydrate. Vitamins & Minerals (25 Vitamins & Essential Minerals).

We can assure you that we offer the best ON Serious Mass Gainer price in Pakistan. ON serious mass 12lbs servings and ON serious mass 6lbs servings are the two sizes available.

Flavors available

It comes in two mouth-watering flavors

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla

Additional Benefits

  • It helps you gain weight and perfect shape
  • Provides extra calories which seems difficult just by consuming food
  • It is formulated in a way that is easy to combine with various fruits and other calorie-dense meals
  • The preparation and mixability of this mass gainer are very simple.


Serious Mass from Optimum Nutrition can indeed be your closest buddy. When beginning off with your post-workout smoothie, a correct portion size of 334 grams or even half a portion is recommended, so you don’t acquire any excess weight with your first portion because your body isn’t used to the high-calorie intake.

It includes a remarkable 252 grams of carbs when combined with water and 292 grams of carbs when combined with milk since it contains maltodextrin for carbohydrate content.

Overall, this is a fantastic product that got 9 out of 10 for texture, flavor and serving size flexibility. When correctly portioned, it’s excellent for building and even ripping cycles.


ON Serious Mass Supplement Facts


ON Serious Mass Nutrition Facts In Pakistan

Additional information

Serving Size

12 LBS, 6 LBS


Chocolate, Vanilla

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